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deja vous ark sz

this scene seems so god damn familiar to me
im getting a tingle of deja vous
obsessive attraction and all she could ask
is how i could do this to you
i tried to explain this so many times you couldnt have handled the truth
im sorry i said those words last night i didnt know theyd be so powerful
i said i loved you for the first time tonight
what i didnt tell you is i didnt mean it
sometimes its easier to just walk away
right now i think it is
concerning you
you dont seem to care about my point of view
i dont got a lot but i got enough to prove
you dont know me so dont pretend you do and ill do just the same
concerning you
now lets try to look at this from an objective point of view
i know its not the standard but sometimes you bend the rules
in relationships like these when you know its gonna end
i dont know why im singing cause you still dont comprehend
this wont repeat cause of what ive learned from you
you dont love me but youre convinced you do
im convinced to close my eyes concerning you


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