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well, it was friday night last week we got pulled over with an o
53 and ogden by a condescending po
tried to fill his quota book
stopped us no reason just the way we look
we would not let him search the car he said hed call his dogs
but we were not worried cause
it was under 30 grams of 40/80 shit
costly, it was good bud though, i admit
but i dont wanna be a part of it
i will not give in
we must change from within?the system
they call us hopeless dreamers
they dont know what we are
imposing their ancient values
i wonder if they care, i wonder if they care
then they pulled us out of cockboys caddy?hands on the hood!"
but the piggies didnt find it cause we hid it so good
pat down i knew he had a wood
touching me only where my girl should
yeah, to fuck with the system you need much wisdom
but first, but first you gotta work with them
probable cause has definite flaws
its up to us to change the laws
your word against mine is your policy
now, show me wheres the legality
when you use your authority
to just instill fear in me
whats up with your power trip?
it was later on that night before they finally let us go
off to the donut shop and then we blazed half that o
so tough with your fake authority
some day youll learn youre the same as me


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