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your man ark sz

[verse 1]
hey girl let me holla at you
for a minute it wont take long
you see weve been good friends
for a while and i hope you wont
get mad at me and try to act fool
cause it wasnt my fault
so before you hear it twisted from somebody else
ill tellyou myself

that your man tried to holla at me
your man tried to get with me
said your man when behind your back
but he found out i dont get down like that

[verse 2]
(check it out)
you see i wasnt gonna tell you
but as a friend i thought i should
(check it out)
cause if the shoe was on the other foot
i would hope you would
be a woman enough to tell me
be woman enough to confront me
and i hate the bearer of bad news
but i had to tell you


i dont know
dont know the reason why
the reason he would try
i dont know
when he knew that it would make you cry
all i know
all i know is that im gonna be
a friend forever thats why
i had to tell ya
[chorus 2x]

i said he tried to holla
he told me i should call him
but youre my girl
so i thought i had to tell you
that your man...


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