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you dont know me ark sz

chinky, buttah, kienji, serenade
what you about to hear
is something that you never heard before
so chinky show them how we do it

a nigga just got paid its friday night
all my wardes in the party and ya doin it right
give a pound to my niggas to my left and right
cause my people came to party til the early light
niggas all up in my face
playa playa no time to waste
playa playa put his hand on my waist
so i looked him straight dead in his face and said ah

you dont know me
you dont really know me
you say im sexy
but you really wanna sex me
would you like to see me on my back
would you like to see me lick your neck
or would you like to see me soakin wet
would you to hit it from the back
or would you like it if i made you mine
would you do it to me all the time
would you like if it was only sex
i dont think youre ready for me yet

my name is buttah and that is serenade
blonde chinky chinky and they call her ms. thang
stick your eyes on my titties
cause you know i got thumps
and you know that its buttah baby
best believe it
playa playa pulled out tonight
playa playa tried to blow on my spot
playa playa wanna see what i got
got tha money but you cant get the trust


from the top of the world
shit gotta let em know
you aint playin no games
dont be coming like that
now its time to show
chinky brown eyes, buttah
serenade, ms. thang
show em how we do
come on show em how we do


what you think you know me
then tell me what im thinkin now
what is it i do late at night
do i pretend like someones between my thighs
will i be dreaminof you at night
is that what you like
well what i wanna know is
can you love me
i didnt think so


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