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i dont want your man ark sz

i dont know what he told you but me and him are cool
he told me that you got mad and acted like a fool
why you playing on my cell phone
i call you back and say youre not home
you block your number and then you call back
cmon miss, i aint having that
dont leave no messages accusing me
questioning who your man is
dont blame me for your misery, you got to come correct

[chorus (2x)]
all we do is kick it
he aint even hit it
girl you need to quit it
i dont want your man

out of knowing him, try to understand me
no more, just friends
tell me whats the point in tricking
stop calling me, tripping, guessing, dont stress me
keep it to yourself, dont test me
if you see me in the street, dont speak
wrong dime, wrong dime
you called out the wrong dime
get the chicken off my back and you could love me long time
cmon girl, stop that
chill out, lay back, lets talk about this shits
im pissed
want somebody elses man, when i get fly niggas from band
got me stuttering cuz i dont want your man

[chorus (2x)]

i dont need no insecurities
i dont need this shit in my life
i dont want your man

break it down

nigga got me in the mood
lets hope our knees got bruised
thats how we do (yeah!)
hair pulled to my backside
about 2 1/2 hour ride, thats just when im beginning
girl, im just kidding

[chorus (2x)]

girl, stop playing on my phone
girl, girl, leave me alone
wont you understand, nothing has changed
friends still remain
girl, please leave me alone


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