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girls gonna do ark sz

girls gonna do
what a girls gonna do
sometimes you gotta put him on hold
find her someone new
tell a couple lies
ooh, ooh, ooh
girls gonna do
what sa girls gonna do
sometimes you gotta sneak up out the crib
leave them with the kids
tell a couple lies
niggas do it all the time

[verse 1]
yes ive been lying to my man
telling him i went out with my girls
knowin ive been over your house and
i was supposed to be back in 30 minutes
know hes probably timin me
wonderin what;s been keepin me
thinkin bout checkin in
but he dont check in with me no
see thats how most men get
so if he aint feelin it
he just goin have to deal with it
when a...


yes ive been workin overtime
just to home late
seein you meet you at the spot
you know how we do
i dont wanna leave a trace
that youve been with me
so if i dont go do it to him
then he probably gonna do it to me
whats the use in being faithful
when you get what you paid for
and he aint got no papers on me
so until i see your ring
im a do my thing
and not feel guilty
(for years)
girl been puttin up with this
(all these)
all these niggas bullshit


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