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commitment ark sz

its going on five years that weve been together
its time to let me know, if its going further
you know you promised me that you will always be, in my life
and when i bring it up, you just shut me out
let me know

why should i
settle down
raise your kids and you not marry me
is that the way it has to be
why should i
wait around, while you decide if youre going to be with me
im looking for commitment, if not just let me be

we been dating on the regular for awhile now, a year far too long
had the code to my cellular, get the bentley, got whatever you want
dont ask for much, i put in why cant you put out like me babe
understand just commit to me, im dying inside this wont go on
i love you to death but, but boo, whats next for us
vacations alone, no talks on the phone, dont call my phone
if this cant be, it is for us
just let me be, leave me alone
its over now


i had high hopes that wed be together
i gave you everything including a child
you said that one day wed be a family, but its never gonna be
so why should i

you know i love you
you promised [4x]
you aint ready babe to love me


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