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one and only ark sz

its good talking to you
you know where im coming from
and what im trying to do
ooh ooh ooh
although what you say aint always so true

its good drinking with you
were just drowning our sorrows
but what else can we do?
ooh ooh ooh
we just need a little help to get through

youre the one and only dear loraine
youre the one and only who keeps me sane
again and again

its good laughing with you
although your jokes are all crap
but somehow they still ring true
ooh ooh ooh
when i laugh you cant see im crying too

youre the one and only dear loraine
youre the one and only who soothes my pain
again and again

were dreaming the same dream
surviving the rat race inbetween
were reaching for sunbeams
two beautiful loosers
on the scene

its good fighting with you
get it out of my system
feel alive and brand new
ooh ooh ooh
but still i dont have a single clue

youre my one and only sweet loraine
youre my one and only long lost friend
hey let us pretend

chorus (repeat)


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