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marigold ark sz

youre my shiny girl
and youve got a lot to manage
for many painfull years
your father was so damaged
of course your mother knew
but she simply did ignore it
and everything just went
the way that he had planned it

but now
do believe in what youve found
go on
and never turn yourself around

oh he was so proud
and he really liked to show it
you had to wear the dress
he knew that you would hate it

but now
you can start it new today
so come on
wont you wipe your tears away

youre my shiny girl
youve got a lot of courage
and im so happy now
that youve found a little footage
someday you will act
cause you really have the talent
someday you will make it
cause youre shiny and youre valient

come on
do believe in what youve found
go on
and never turn yourself around


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