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the red telephone ark sz

verse 1:
sitting on a hillside
watching all the people die
ill feel much better on the other side
ill thumb a ride

verse 2/3:
i believe in magic
why, because it is so quick
i dont need power when im hypnotized
look in my eyes
what are you seeing (i see...)
how do you feel?
i feel real phony when my name is phil
or was that bill?

life goes on here
day after day
i dont know if i am living or if im
supposed to be
sometimes my life is so eerie
and if you think im happy
paint me (white)(yellow)

ive been here once
ive been here twice
i dont know if the thirds the fourth or if the -
the fifths to fix
sometimes i deal with numbers
and if you wanna count me
count me out

verse 4:
i dont need the time of day
anytime with mes ok
i just dont want you using up my time
cause thats not right

[repeat 3x:]
[repeat 3x:]
theyre locking them up today
theyre throwing away the key
i wonder who itll be tomorrow, you or me?
were all normal and we want our freedom
freedom... freedom... freedom... freedom
freedom... freedom... freedom... freedom
[continue with am - a progression as above, to fade]
(spoken:) alla gods chilluns gotta have dere freedom


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