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the daily planet ark sz

verse 1:
in the morning we arise and
start the day the same old way
as yesterday the day before and
all in all its just a day like
all the rest so do your best with
chewing gum and it is oh so
waiting on the sun

verse 2:
down on go-stop boulevard it
never fails to bring me down
the sirens and the accidents and
for a laugh theres plastic nancy
shes real fancy with her children
theyll go far, she
buys them toys to
keep in practice
waiting on the war

bridge 1:
i feel shivers in my spine
when the iceman, yes his ice is melting
wont be there on time
hope he finds a rhyme
for his little mind

bridge 2:
i can see you
with no (hands)
eyes i need you
youre my (heart)
look were going round and round


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