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live and let live ark sz

verse 1:

oh, the snot has caked against my pants
it has turned into crystal
theres a bluebird sitting on a branch
i guess ill take my pistol
ive got it in my hand
because hes on my land

and so the story ended
do you know it oh so well
well should you need ill tell you
the end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end

verse 2:
yes ive seen you sitting on the couch
i recognize your artillery
i have seen you many times before
once when i was an indian
and i was on my land
why cant you understand

bridge 1:
served my time
served it well
you made my soul

bridge 2:
write the rules
in the sky
but ask your leaders
why why

[repeat verse 1]
[repeat chorus]
[repeat bridge 1]


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