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laughing stock ark sz

here we are
our hands are all untied
wed rather walk than ride
then ride and ride and ride, ride, ride
ride and ride and ride
there you stand
your eyes are in your head
you should have stayed in bed
oh, fred in bed and ride, ride, ride
fred in bed and ride

i keep on tellin myself
everything is gonna change
when i find someone to blame
and the people that i see wont bother me

i keep on hidin myself
away from everything
what a thing to fix your brain
i guess i want to be where it dont follow me

i keep on playin my drums hey!
i keep on singin my songs, i just got out my little red
i keep on doin all the
things i shouldnt have to do

verse 3:
i keep on buildin my hopes
and you keep tearin them down
what is this foolin around
are we supposed to be like history

chorus 2:

i keep on playin my drums, drums
i keep on singin my songs, oh, yeah
i keep on doin all the things i shouldnt have to do


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