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paranoia key of e ark sz

how come you say you will and then you wont
you change your mind and then you say you dont
the mystery is why i play the goat
the mystery you call love

sometimes youre like an eagle strong like a rock
other times it seems you get unlocked
and all your worst fears come tumbling out
into the street, into the snow

i remember when you had a dream
everything was what it seemed to be
but now nightmares replace everything
and everything you see is wrong

you said wed meet but youre two hours late
you said you thought someone had picked your gate
so you hid and were afraid to wait
seeing shadows in the snow
seeing shadows in the snow

now your friend godfrey is a perfect choice
one minute down next time rejoice, he seems -
- to have found the perfect voice
paranoia key of e

lets say everything he says is true
you love me but i cheat on you
and in my bedroom is a female zoo
worse then clinton in prime time

i swear to you im not with jill or joyce
or cyd or sherry or darlene or worse
im not kissing you while inside i curse
paranoia key of e

lets play a game the next time we meet, ah
ill be the hands and you be the feet
and together we will keep the beat
to paranoia key of e

now, you know manias in the key of b
psychosis in the key of c
lets hope that were not meant to be
in paranoia key of e

anorexia is in g flat
and f is anything ive left out
dyslexia, kleptomania and vertigo
patricide a, matricide d the same schizos

paranoia key of e

lets have a coda in the key of k
something that only we can play
maybe well light up like a hundred k
paranoia out of key

paranoia key of e
paranoia key of e

anorexia, dyslexia
kleptomania, patricide a, matricide d, vertigo, schizos

paranoia key of e, paranoia
paranoia, paranoia, paranoia key of e
paranoia, paranoia, paranoia key of e


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