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open house ark sz

come over to 81st street im in the apartment
above the bar
you know you cant miss it, its across from the subway
and the tacky store with the mylar scarves
my skins as pale as outdoors moon
my hairs silver like a tiffany watch
i like lots of people around me but dont kiss hello
and please dont touch

its a czechoslovakian custom my mother passed on to me
the way to make friends andy is invite them up for tea
open house
open house

ive got a lot of cats, heres my favorite
shes lady called sam
i made a paper doll of her, you can have it
thats what i did when i had st.vitus dance

its a czechoslovakian custom my mother passed on to me
give people little presents so they remember me
open house
open house

someone bring the vegetables
someone please bring heat
my mother showed up yesterday
we need something to eat

i think i got a job today they want me to draw shoes
the ones i drew were old and used
they told me to draw something new
open house
open house

fly me to the moon
fly me to a star
but there are no stars in the new york sky
theyre all on the ground

you scared yourself with music, i scared myself with paint
i drew 550 different shoes today, it almost made me faint
open house
open house
open house
open house


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