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hellzapoppin ark sz

hold your hats...the roof is bout to tumble in
holy cats...the walls and floors are crumblin
the whole gangs whoopin up the whoop-de-doo
me oh my...its gonna be uproarious
well fly high...tonight well be notorious
and youre invited to the party too
better look out...aint no cook-out
were playin this one by ear
we through the book out
its a bash...the signs are unmistakable
what a smash...were breakin all thats breakable
theres no stoppin...hellzapoppin...why not drop in
we wont stop until the night is through
(instrumental break)
we wont tire...well fly higher
well be hotter by far
than a floor on fire
raise your glass...the party will be riotous
what a gas...the cops will never quiet us
theres no stoppin...hellzapoppin...hellzapoppin
well be hellzapoppin till the night is through


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