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intro/sweet jane ark sz

standing on the corner
suitcase in my hand
jacks in his corset, jane is in her vest
me, honey, im in a rock n roll band
ridin in a stutz bearcat, jim
those were different times
they studied rules of verse
and those ladies they rolled their eyes

sweet jane
sweet jane
sweet jane

jack, he is a banker
jane, she is a clerk
both of them save their money
when they come home from work
sittin by the fire
radio does play, look classical music there, kids
"the march of the wooden soldiers"
you can hear jack say

sweet jane
sweet jane
sweet jane

some people like to go out dancing
and other people like us, we gotta work
and theres even some evil mothers
theyll tell you that life is just made out of dirt
and women never really faint
all the villains always blink their eyes
that children are the only ones who blush
and life is just to die

anyone who ever had a heart
and wouldnt turn around and break it
anyone who ever played a part
and wouldnt turn around and hate it

sweet jane
sweet jane
sweet jane

sweet jane, sweet jane
sweet jane, oh honey, sweet jane
sweet jane, oh, sweet jane
sweet jane, sweet jane


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