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well the coal-black sea waits for me-me-me
the coal-black sea waits forever
the waves hit the shore, crying more-more-more
but the coal-black sea waits forever

the tornados come up the coast they run
hurricanes rip the sky forever
through the weathers change, the sea remains the same
the coal-black sea waits forever

there are ashes split through collective guilt
people rest at sea forever
since they burnt you up, collect you in a cup
for you the coal-black sea has no terror

will your ashes float like some foreign boat
or will they sink absorbed forever
will the atlantic coast, have its final boast
nothing else contained you ever

now the coal-black sea waits for me-me-me
the coal-black sea waits forever
when i leave this joint at some further point
the same coal-black sea will it be waiting


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