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the most expensive girl in the world ark sz
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the most expensive girl in the world ark sz

jimmy was a fly guy with a big mercedes
he thougt he could get all type of ladies
ha mahes a lot of money cause hes a money maker
and if he looks for style he rides jet ski in jamaika
he met this beautiful girl at a bar
and jimmy could swear he looks like a star

he got the most expensive girl in the worl
the most expensive girl

but jimmy didnt listen - yes he didnt
his friend warned him - he thougt he must be kiddin
jimmy felt in love like he never did before
for any kiss he gets she takes him to the store
every time she buys more than jimmy can carry
so she employed a butler and his name is: larry


jimmy is out for money he spent all on his honey
he is searchin for a credit but his friends regret it
he is workin at three jobs but that is not enough
to pay all her needs to pay all her stuff
i saw ehr later on a luxury ferry
and next to her stood a man named: larry

you got played, boy!



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