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renee ark sz

verse one:

heres a tune about this honey named renee
that i met one day
on my way back from john jay
im peepin shorty as shes walking to the train
i tap her on her shoulders
excuse me miss, but can i get your name
she said my name is renee
i said i got a whole lot to say
so may i walk you to your subway
she said if you want
so yo, we started talking
i brought two franks and two drinks
and we began walking
i had to see where that head was at
because the gear was mad phat
so we must chat about this and that
she told me what she was in school for
she wants to be a lawyer
in other words shorty studies law
im telling shorty im a writer
and as shes looking for the token
she drops a pack of the ez-widers
covers her mouth with her name ring
i said, yo dont sweat the technique shorty rocks
i do the same thing
but yet i use philly blunts
she said i never dealt with philly blunts
because i heard thats for silly stunts
i said, nah they burn slower
right now i really dont know ya
but maybe later on i can get to show ya


a ghetto love is the law that we live by
day by day i wonder why my shorty had to die
i reminice over my ghetto princess everyday
give it up for my shorty, shorty(x2)

verse two:

so now we sittin on the train
besides the fingernails
now shorty got the hairdo of pain
now i understand she got flava
a tough leather jacket,with some jeans and a chain that her moms gave her
got off the train about 6:34
she wasnt sure she had grub for the dog so we hit the store
went to the crib
and turned the lights on
a mad magazine stand
from essence to right on
a leather couch
stero system with crazy cds
understand cause she got cheese
she said cheeks do what you want
she said im gonna feed the dog
i said alright well im gonna roll this blunt
she came back with stretch pants and a ponytail, a t-shirt
a yo, fam i got a tender-roni girl
were sitting on the couch chattin
were smoking blunts off the balcony
were stearing at manhattan now
she started feeling on my chest
i started feeling on the breasts
and theres no need for me to stress the rest
a yo, i got myself a winner
we sparked a blunt before we ate
and a blunt after we ate dinner
she had a tattoo she only wanted bo to see
but first dim the lights and turn up the jodeci
im like whatever shorty rock
we can swing it like that
cause on the real this is where its at.

chorus (2x)

verse three:

i woke up the next day on the waterbed
a letters on the pillow eh
and this what the letter said
it said cheeks, ill be home around two
you was deep in your sleep
so i didnt want to bother you
i left my number for shorty to call me later
got dressed
smoked a blunt
and then i bounced towards the elevator
i got a beep around three
im asking shorty whats up with you
shes asking whats up with me
and now we been together for weeks
candlelight dinner with my shorty
crack a 40 with my naughty freaks
hey man, i never been in love
but everytime im burstin in and outta state
its shorty that im thinking of
im hanging out with my crew
i get a beep from renee
because renee uses code too
but yet im chattin with her mom dukes
she said renee has been shot
so cheeks, meet me up at st. lukes
i jumps on the van wyck
i gotta make it there quick
a yo, this shit is gettin mad thick
not even thinking about the po nine
im doing a buck, who gives a fuck
im smokin boom and the whole nine
i gotta see whats going on
but by the time i reach the hospital
they tell me mr. cheeks
renee is gone
im pouring beer out for my shorty who aint here
im from the ghetto
so listen
this is how i shed my tears

chorus (2x)


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