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lifestyles of the rich and shameless ark sz
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lifestyles of the rich and shameless ark sz

>freaky tah
verses mr. cheeks

[freaky tah]
everybodys buckin, dont give it a damn

verse 1

straight from cop killer queens
a juvenile named jack >jack
at the age of 17 >uh huh
yo this kid jack started slingin crack >started slingin crack
hes on the road to riches >riches
baggin bitches >bitches
hes in clubs takin pitchers
drink your finger always into sess
his lifestyles buckwild honey child >yeah
got a shorty named val >val
she stays on the isle >ahhh
he started slingin at the age of 17 >uhh huh
his hearts made of steel >eh yo
kid his minds full of green >full of green
he got his first ounce
made a grand 400 >hundred
3 bills to get fresh
he other bills to get blunted >to be blunted
and wit the letter g >g
he bought the letter o >o
next thing you know man
hes rakin in the dough >rakin in the dough
he put his people down
cuz say thats only right >aight
for dem to get keys
dem and dem is mad tight >is mad tight
set-up organation organize on the block>organize...block
nobodys slingin on the block
eh yo we got this block on lock
and its the.... >huh

lifestyles of the rich & shameless >shameless
some die wit the name >wit the name
some die nameless >some die nameless
its all the same game >its on
its all the same pain >its on
its all the same pain >its on
its all the same game >its on

verse 2

the verse 2s
about this girl named yvette >vette
she lived out in queens
pushed the red corvette >corvette
shes pumpin weight >uh huh
in and outta state >in and outta state
outta state license plate >eh yo
see her lifestyle is straight weight >hah
shes into lickin shots >yeah
stickin blocks gotta shorty on the team>uhh huh
shorties into pickin locks
makin gs takin trips cross seas >seas
just enough to be flashin
cash they be stashin >hah
shes wit the cats >huh huh
they love packin gats >huh
bulletproof vest bulletproof baseball hats
her and the queens stay right gettin high too
lex, coups and jeeps >ahh
got beeps can & lai brew >brew
its all the same shame >huh
just a diffrent name >huh
shortys sniffin cane >huh
just to maintain >huh
to a nice shorty rock o-dd >shorty what who o-ds
bring me the chorus >shoulda chilled
pass me the weed >i would pass the weed


verse 3

i used to hustle up on linden in the van
me and my man did that thing hand in hand
20 bills up>huh<, plus a buck 20 sac >huh
but verse itt
time to rap but the fiends kept commin back
im tryin to put my lifestyle in order >aight
the games mad deep
i keep my feet above the water >above the water
caught a bid got a wife and kid >huh
the name just burned in the flame >huh
so out the game i slid >slid
so now im into makin hits wit my men >huh
i hustle wit my style >huh
cook up works wit my pen >true
mr. cheeks represent in the gutter >gutter
freaky tah gettin lai thats my brudda >thats my brudda
in the game >huh
and hit you in the brain >huh
and if i was cocaine >huh
believe it im your main >huh

tally up its the lost boyz crew an
freaky tah, spigg nice and pretty lou an..



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