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ghetto jiggy ark sz

(freaky tah/cheeks talking)
right now, ay you know how we do
lb fam, one shot dealers, we killas
why everybody thinkin this funny?
fuck with lb fam you get laid down loud
word up we make the realest, come through with killas
check it out
lb fams my crew, you know how we do
what we do, we stay true
come on now, now, now
how we gets down now, now
new york city now, now
ok, alright, ok, alright, alright

word up, napolean, ralph lauren
mr. cheeks, back in that ass
how we do it lb fam style
cmon, uh, yeah, uh, what
(lost boyz now, ok, alright, ok, alright, ok, ok, alright)

many mistakes made, masses committed
any hot chick that was wit it i was out to hit it
i keep a yankee fitted, my world stay spinnin
i seen them faggot niggas grinnin from the whole beginnin
me and my team, man we live life and gettin green
hot chicks up on the scene, kid we sittin mean
jewelrys shinin, ghetto cash, mastermindin
livin life inside the rough but shine like a diamond
im tryna make it happen livin life day to day
they say play the way, well thats the only way we play
families seem like the real enemy
a true, true friends of me is trees and hennessy
i love the ghetto life, fdr city lights
burnin ls inside the truck, duckin blue and whites
i play two parts to this, negative and positive
but bottom line, understand man i gotta live

(hook) 2x
so work wit me understand how i come, ghetto jiggy
niggas where you from? new york city
the spot where we keep the whips pretty
cops and these chicks act shitty, ay yo
(bitches and these cops act shitty)

ay yo, i never asked for this, i just wanna rap
?????????,make some figgas, give my niggas that
see me shinin think ya shit is honky dory
behind the scene its a real different story
the mad junction, cant let it stress me
im at my best, son ya best won test me?
once again its on, official burn out
dont look, puzzled???? faces how it turn out
once in a while i take the train just to clear the brain
people ask me whats the deal kid, its just the same
you know the night-runners, nothin major
dont let me and my bullshit invade ya
i know you probably, got problems of ya own
no need for you to zone
understand, i love this game, it mean a great deal to me
its my life, can you image how it feel to be?


i remember when????????
it dont even to start me to reminiscin
about the past when we wasnt gettin no cash
had the skills, but like a hot chick wit no ass
it meant nada, i gotta get my gid on
i need some chedda in my pocket, hot shit on
the lifestylell be butter like the wifes smile
make a habit, dont break, it may take a while
im a hustla, ima hustle til the end, too
starin at that, evil that us men do
basically its lb fam all night
and aint nothin wrong doin it all night
ghetto jiggy

(hook) 5x


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