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<mcs voice> awww yeah, party people you lookin good out there
now we got flavor on top of flavor. im talkin about we got the
old school flavor & the new school flavor somethin new from the
lb fam im the local? & i want you you & you to get ready & party.
cheeks drop it on em...

verse 1
yo the situations im in it seem my lifes out of order
escape place my tape in the recorder
i sit back spark & listen start my reminiscin
realize that theres mad fam missin
im holdin back the tears
no doubt we lost many peers
mom dukes held it down many years
now many chumps came & left
when my pop dukes split
no doubt i had it bad as a kid
but held it down no? to the school
meetin slugger now everythings cool
155 niggas kept it live no doubt
mr. tel is comin down to roll out
we sin (smokin) out all the time in the yard all nine
talkin bout that cars mine
young niggas growin up in the city
enjoyed the streets cause at home things was shitty
my moms boyfriend tryin to break her down & hurt her
not yet drinkin but still thinkin murder
pro players & weeds under christmas trees
gramma said therell be days like these
now when my granpops passed away
what can i say?
a nigga flips still to this day
im gettin high drinkin whiskey with the thugs now
im on the van with my man sellin drugs now
im in my zone

you see theres 8 million stories in the spot im from
lb fam never stop til the job gets done
word to moms pay attention to the slang we say
hot ass grams but it still be them games we play

verse 2
in junior high me & lou we dressin neater
im on the special with taliek master skeeter
at hooky parties gettin tipsy with the bangdods
o e newports chicken wings & french fries
knuckleheads sin out on the school trips
not into liquor at the time but took a few sips
im gettin life on young plan of makin gs
gettin dough from shovelin snow & rakin leaves
politicin on the van with the old cats
pushin plush cadillacs holdin cold gats
i wanna be like you one night i said to mike g.
his reply get yo money dont be like me
i mean it looks hella good but this life is a shame
i hustle to survive in the game
(i know) nothin else but hustlin & scramblin
jailtime, bustin & gamblin
my main chick is on caine now
i mean she aint actin the same now
i seen mad niggas in the game style
but the key to survival is maintain pal
yo when i get enough cheese im gone
until then life goes on &on &on &on &on


verse 3
yo, eighteen years of age gettin green on the scene
in front of coliseum vibin with the team
organized the lab different chicks same cab
skills in the dice nice with the jab
im gettin money baggin honeys in the acres
officials out to make a queens money makers
ride around in stolen jeeps
now as i creep through the streets i lost mad peeps
now as the years ran on i noticed mad bang
never go against the grain
now durin that time wes makin no cash
sayin that this shit cant last
came up with this plot to get mad cheese
right or wrong wes official lbz
lost a lot of fam on the road to success
rest in peace god bless


mr. sexxx queens most wanted luv bug starski
a ha a ha. lb fam group home be the click


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