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intro: (mr cheeks)
back as a boy i longed to be
that nigga smitties loved to see
and had them all consider me...a ladies man
i dreamed of mc wit the light
and merry moanin in the night
as i became wit all my might...a ladies man...and its all rite

decks in the house
this is how we get puffed out ya-know-whut-im-sayin
shout out to cross town connection
and the trinity crew ya-know-whut-im-sayin
and 1-3-4 ya-know-whut-im-sayin
lost boyz back streets watch fam
linden and the van wyck ya-know-whut-im-sayin
well check this out this is how we get down
we call this all good ya-know-whut-im-sayin i mean...
all rite...and everyone wanna zone...ay yo check this...
i i i i check this out one two...

verse one (mr cheeks)
i run wit crooks that be a diamond boys books(?)
thugs sellin drugs up on blicks cops an derty looks
aint nuthin pretty in my city thats shitty
my man was runnin wil up on the isle he caught a buck fifty
to the grill things is gettin ill
at times it makes me wanna holla when im down to my last dolla bill
well keepin it real see thats the only way to keep it
see im a legal drug thug gettin legal drug money so peep it
back in the days when we used to hear about the square
i heard a lot of bodies used to get caught up by shotties there
an out in fordy where ebony she got killed
an i be like layin cause im filled
wit so much envy gotta kill a man if he comes
near my path...shout outs to the j raths an the whole lb style its all rite

its all rite (x6)

verse two (freaky tah)

all all all sall rite...
its all rite
i feel aiight
smokin charm
everyday like
killin wit the lost boyz crew in the park
passin the brew an the boom gettin sparked
i feel hiiiigher
level niggas they roll wit the devil
spring i be doin my thing wit my crew
this is how i do wit my pretty rah lou
wit spigg knight an freak
an mista cheek
rollin dice an rippin up concrete
i like cominin the middle when the sun dont shine
im the brightest star
niggas ask who you are
im freaky tah thats who i am
i be buggin cause i dont give a damn
killin wit my niggas
quick to pull triggas
get-ta-get bigga
cuttin up all the figures
listen when i comment
all rite
i be buggin out blowin like dynomite
jus chill wit my lacs dont tax
lost boyz in the backs


verse three (decks)

ya find a way to really run thru when its on
so welcome into my zone
its decks comin into your home
and then i blends into tones
that make your knees buckle an bends ya back bone
im back from the whole mother nappy vagabonds
that means i jus flew in from queens
to earn my residence by any means
cause mother eyein me
an my society is vyin me
you see b
you cant defile g
in its entirety
ay yo dregg mine smoke a lot a day
to murdered my eyes are thorough red
im bout ta hits a
an urban dwella
creepin deep in ya cellas at nite
an its all rite


verse four (mr cheeks)

the microphone i ssssplit apart
i be like moses
whut you suppose miss
i be wit the feelas puffin ls every day of the week
me freak tah an pretty lou an the spigg
diggin deep down into the grave ill dismiss
any mc who tries to go against this
my crew is every nigga
i represent the van wyck an 1-3-4 ill connect wit at the door
close ya window
ill be havin baggin jeans timberlin boots steel toe
i be gettin biz yo
big decks take a pull of this l
so i can go an raise some hell
from the back
i will attack
12 oclock exact
wearin black timberlins an uh a field jacket
i be wit the niggas an we be causin rack
i cant forget rod an the b lover
an my nigga mar-juan the don
niggas gettin on the vein
i be wit the man whos the chain
big henn shout out to all of my men
in the pen
even up state niggas pushin weight niggas pushin weight
an bitches...its all rite



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