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maybe not tonight ark sz

you dont touch me anymore
you never say the words i love you
you just sit behind your paper
your silence cuts me like a razor
im gonna leave you... maybe someday soon
when i can give up this fight
but maybe not tonight

we dont talk much anymore
not the same way that we used to
whenever i reach out to hold you
you turn away... what am i supposed to do
im gonna say goodbye
when the moments right
like an eagle i will fly
but maybe not tonight

can you just hold me
in your arms so deep
wanna feel you breathing on my skin
we fell out of love
we can fall back in

you never look at me that way
(so many times ive longed to say)
you used to brush the hair back from my face
(oh god how i miss those days...)
you used to make me feel like someone
(tell me where did we go wrong)
you were my best friend, my one and only
(youre still the only one)
just as im leavin you
you walk in the room
i see the flicker in your eyes
we say maybe not tonight

repeat chorus

you dont touch me anymore
you never say the words i love you
i love you


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