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if you came back from heaven ark sz

if you came back from heaven
i wouldnt know what to say
i wouldnt know what to do
if you came back from heaven
and i could look at you
would i fumble for the words
would i be a little shy
would i bust right out with laughter
or break right out and cry
oh, if you came back from heaven
would it be like it was then
could we pick up where we left off
and try it all again
oh, if you came back from heaven
it would freeze me in my tracks
and i hope god knows if he let you go
id never send you back
do your kisses feel the same
do you still have the same touch
will you whisper to me softly
that you missed me so much
have you heard al my prayers
when i lay down at night
did you feel my body
when i held my pillow tight
and if god forbid
you leave this earth again while i sleep
i hope he knows if you go
youll be bringing me
repeat chorus


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