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i guess you had to be there ark sz
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i guess you had to be there ark sz

hello, honey, how was your day
well, youre sure in a good mood tonight
oh, by the way, i was downtown this afternoon
and i saw the most amazing sight
through the window of a small cafe
i saw a man and a woman holdin hands
and they looked so much in love it took my breath away
cant you see it, dont you understand?
well, i guess you had to be there
yeah, you really had to be there
some things you just cant explain
its just not the same
i guess you had to be there
i just stood there my heart poundin
i couldnt move, all i could was stare
i kept rememberin when we used to look like that
two people with so much to share
they were talkin and they were laughin
just like we used to do every day
and then he kissed her so tenderly
whats the matter, you dont have much to say
and as i watched you with your new love
i havent seen you that happy in years
weve drifted so far apart and its hard to admit it
but theres nothin left for you here (so i guess)
repeat chorus


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