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dickens dublin ark sz

i walk the streets of dublin town
its 1842
its snowing on this christmas eve
think ill beg another bob or two
ill huddle in this doorway here
till someone comes along
if the lamp lighter comes real soon
maybe ill go home with him.

maybe i can find a place i can call my home
maybe i can find a home i can call my own

the horses on the cobbled stones pass by
think ill get one one fine day
and ride into the country side
and very far away
but now as the daylight disappears
i best find a place to sleep
think ill slip into the bell tower
in the church just down the street

maybe on the way ill find the dog
i saw the other night
and tuck him underneath my jacket,
so well stay warm through the night
as we lie in the bell tower high
and dream of days to come
the bells oer head will call the hour
the day we will find a home.


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