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one life to live ark sz

intro: peter gunz
niggas, sick, shit

lord tariq:
now whatchu wanna do, type of niggas

peter gunz:
they dont know now, theyll never know, thats how i feel

verse 1:lord tariq
and on the seventh day the lord made money
on the sixth day, i busted my gun
500 000 is not half of one
caught the keys akisane for 63 hundred on sale i ordere for bronx niggas
if you want it, ill head up with the connect just the game of respect
with the game that i schock, througout the plains of the u.s
makin clean to this, which is the killer get killed
so why carry if you need a gaselle for real

peter gunz:
yo, when i caught my gun charge, your felony
niggas ve tellin me, gunz instead of totin guns
its all about guns, instead of bustin guns
nigga get funds and let these niggas know you be the one
so im in?rhakis isle and kawasaki?
wrote letters for clans, you never got at me
you heard the block on your phone so i never call
but i know one day ill be home to dog
and watch you niggas fall

lord tariq:
aiyyo gunz, move in silence i push that the street
on blocks to black streets where the murders was meet
and stash money keeps a nigga standing on his feet
and best believe that we play for?kiki-meat?
the lord tariq & pg nigga aint nothin happenin
so i beeen to the weese, my cars matching the platinum
you think that yous a star, cant happen
can put down the mics, pull up the girls to get the clappin what

chorus: peter gunz
you got one life to live, one gun to bust
one nigga to save, one nigga to rush
its all about sex, money, life or death
you gotta make a choice is it right or left

lord tariq:
you got one life to live, one gun to bust
one nigga to save, one nigga to rush
its all about sex, money, life or death
you gotta make a choice is it right or left

verse 2: peter gunz
all my 74 put down a real meeting
busting the motherfucking gun out
in case a nigga run up, keep a nigga done up
dark the sun up, be ready to flee
yo lord, tell em where you be

lord tariq:
catch me in the bronx on cosy, surrounded by thug niggas
no love niggas, givin nigga rob, nigga what nigga
feel a nigga out first avoiding bug niggas
breaking brand was a big name drug-nigga
tell me is it in my blood, nigga what?
deal goin down the park, dont wanna cut, get cut the fuck up
you niggas lust to bust guns, the way a nigga bust none
nigga trust none, my bust guns will trust funds
so if you ever need a niggabeep me 911
and watch how quick nigga come to leave another num
im from soundview projects where all my niggas from
and uptown just respect to call another nigga dumb

peter gunz:
some say im sain, some say im off
label me roc-a-feller cause im hot like stars
i wanna test arousa but i settle for a paw
shit, you ask me why, let that motherfucker go
green back, its time to lean back and set the roll
and if so, your money from this music should i throw
your rap-shit is platinum, but that other shit is gold
when i see my money-wise, that other shit gotta go


verse 3:lord tariq
yo gunz, i know theres a lot of niggas scheamin now
cause they heard that we got it
(peter gunz)
i got another clique for niggas lookin at my pockets
consider your life equivalent to the shit on my wrist
(lord tariq)
and while we squeezin you can think about this
(peter gunz)
nigga, six shots to the chest
(lord tariq)
the other 10 to the head
so even if you got your best, you face the color of dead
(peter gunz)
these bronx niggas wanna bread if you creep you can get it
but keep an eye on your walk, you gots ta take these bullets with it
(lord tariq)
like blaouw!
yall niggas know the deal now, im foul
i do a killing with a smouw
(peter gunz)
now how the fuck youre gonna rumble with the biggest niggas
with the biggest triggers and cali-figures
thats steady blasting on you bitch niggas
(lord tariq)
it be the bronx nigga borough of kidnappers and rappers
so wanna guard you getting break bradles and cradles
(peter gunz)
its like plain and simple, the kings of the temple
be the 1st one to bust you like a pimple motherfucker



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