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my time to go ark sz

[peter gunz]
you know what they say
god forgives all sins
except suicide
then i guess ill be aight
cause i aint gon kill myself
you know

i was raised atheist, god was a myth
never prayed cause i never seen, and i was never with
kneelin on my knees, just thankin jesus
for stuff that i received when i wasnt receivin
its like
thanks for the lights that aint on
thanks for the food thats gone
and my stomachs tight empty
thanks for the clothes that ya sent me
they tight and kids laugh, so i be cuttin school, aight
i wanna thank you for my brother smokin crack
i also wanna thank you for my cousin gettin shot in his back
i wanna thank you for my friends thats gone
i mean they all under thirty right, but life goes on
i wanna thank you for my moms being sad
thanks for the house with the swimming pool i never had
i wanna thank you for my uncle bill, smart enough to get his phd
he got hiv
i wanna thank you for my pops, what a joke
work hard all of his life and got nothin to show
i wanna thank you for the lives that you moved
i also wanna thank you for the cancer that you gave e-smooth
and im sorry my belief is low, can you tell me where to go
heaven or hell, eleven to twelve
and im ready when you ready, just tell me dont breath
will you forgive me cause i didnt believe?
all i know is that...

[chorus-peter gunz]
when its my time to go
all i wanna know
am i gonna see him or see you?
give me a clue, tell me what to do
will you open the gates or am i through
forgive me for my negatvie thoughts and all my sins
from what i know now lord i wish i knew then
i seen alot of bad, never had reason to beleive
now i simply thank you for this air that i breath

[lord tariq]
yo, you know people used to say this kids really crazy
that religion and forgivin church stuff never fazed me
livin off the word of a teacher
my friends up the block gettin fat sellin crack to the preacher
johovas witness says he witnessed, but he never seen
what he seeks is forever green, and he forever fiend
i used to hit the mas now and then
me and x used to bill with these guys that was five percent
but see, one thing i learned in life being hard
is no matter who you serve in life, theres one god
wether youre black or white, chinese, japanese
you breath the same air i breath, bleed the same blood i bleed
thats why im sayin youre wrong
if youre sayin my song is blasphomy, just ask of me
i got god in me just like an artery
if i offended you then pardon me
the things i seen in life hardened me
wanna treat the next man like a slave
and go to church shoutin, holy ghostin and
claimin youre saved
then you think because the offer that you gave, you forgivin
but you better fix the life that youre livin
you wanna be god-filled, steady sinnin, change your ways
cause you know its really money that you praise
its time to wake up, drop yo blunt and put away the beer
cause im feelin like the last days is here
for real


[one accord]
forgive me lord
for i have sinned
and now i know
i know you exist
(i wanna thank you)


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