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keep on ark sz

verse 1: peter gunz
uh, come on, come on, come on
uh, and i see you
this is it

in 97 i made plans to see mo money
in 98 i blasted out in the phat 420
when i hit the block kids stop look and stare
girls they point, "yo thats that nigga over there"
i get a lotta love, lotta hate
yes thats the bet you make when you see a lotta cake
now they calling me fake
shit back they was calling me love
now theyre scratching up my car and calling me blood
see it be the ones you know scheming on the low
saying youre dope but steady sizing up your rol
i drift, to the past where theres no riches
no hits and no chips and no bitches
just another cat named peter
trying to make a dollar off a nine millimetre
now life a little sweeter
im in the dealer
coppin a drop
on the beach in hawaii with mariah, wop!
laying up in wakiki, mtv, figures why these niggas wanna envy me
maybe cuz this young lady wanna sin for me
because i ball you got it in me?
but ima

chorus: peter gunz & lord tariq

(keep on)
ballin til the day i die
keep climbing til i reach the sky, ima (keep on)
getting money cause its meant for i
i deserve yo i went for mine ima (keep on)
and even though you hope i fail
i turn around and hope you prevail (keep on)
and to my sisters in the struggle alone
and to my brothers thats locked in jail just (keep on)

verse 2: lord tariq
yo in the early days of the lord everything was shey-shey
everyday was pay day
selling nickels and dimes
getting mine in mind state from 86 to 88
i still hear the razor scrape on the plate
a high school drop out
caught a case mom expects me to cop out
6-g lawyer fee the case dropped like a knockout
the bronx was the shit but we all hung in harlem
where gettin moneys easy spending it was the problem
and i cop 16 valves foot is on the pedal
telling bitches this your last chance to get out the ghetto
for less i wouldnt settle
think big you get big
came across the wrong niggas almost split my wig
some say i bitched up because i switched up and started rapping
but im turning gold crack sales to drugs raps platinum
see these streets through my eyes and you can feel em though my words
i swore to god that im gon be heard and ima


bridge: peter gunz
you gotta (keep on)
just (keep on)
you gotta (keep on)
just (keep on)
you gotta (keep on)
just (keep on)
you gotta (keep on)
to all my people on the east (keep on)
and all my people on the west (keep on)
and all my people in the north (keep on)
and all my people in the south (keep on)
you gotta (keep on)

verse 3: peter gunz & lord tariq
to my sisters raising kids alone
feeling stuck cuz your man aint home
dont wanna be a father dont bother
honey, stay on the job
cuz that man gotta answer to god so baby (keep on)

i drop a tear on this poem as i write to my dog
pistol, i miss you sincerely yours from the lord
you held it down on our side of the town at any cost
and you loved in the checks by money boss so (keep on)

to my cousin g,
i know youre feeling trapped in the chair
all alone like nobody aint there
never fear
me and touch still here
remember what i said dog, ima be your arms and legs you just (keep on)

and to all my niggas on the streets
wanna do out the states
keep your eyes open always look straight
never fall for the bait
you look back and you might get snatched
and if so just close your trap
you gotta (keep on)



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