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you know what im about ark sz

[lord finesse]
check it out, for those that know me
ya wonder why i always play low key
i know i got people and fans that like me
but all the noise and attention dont excite me
so i just lounge and play the d.l
in the crib with just me and a female
im still slick besides the others
cause a player like me
yo, im smoother than the isley brothers
when im on the scene i get feedback
brothers runnin up, wassup, where you be at?
i be by myself just coolin
cause i dont have time to sweat what someone else is doin
cause their not equal to me
i got places to go, money to make, people to see
whatcha gonna do
the man is comin through
(you got it goin on)
hey yo, that aint nothin new
but my fame is stressin others
so you always got some that always wanna test a brother
but im wildin at home kid
im straight makin papes, so tell me what ya problem is
ya talk about unity, but when i turn my back
you talkin about what ya wanna do to me
yeah, you could keep riffin
i aint the one, i sent ya home with ya teeth missin
so stop runnin at the mouth
straight up and down
you, you know what im about

knockin brothers off
knockin brohters out (3x)
yo, you know what im about(repeat all 2x)

[lord finesse]
im out to get dough
makin brothers petro
some suckas dont like me
but i could care less though
cause im a command yall
im smackin brothers up like puerto ricans play handball
but i aint the funny type that joke around, huh
i gotta get my money right
and i got the right game
im definetely the wrong man to invite to a dice game
cause i got strategy
im rollin head cracks, trips
and makin all the brothers mad at me
they might as well give up
the way im takin all the dough, this might as well be a stick up
cause its a mans thing
the way i got things sold
yo, they cant do a damn thing
tryin to gain props
i aint the one to see
ya clowns mess around and get played like a drum machine
you gotta find a better way
im pullin everything from your car to your resume
cause i dont play clown
im tryin to get mine
thats why my face stay frown
i dont smile or try to play my foul
i light your boys like?tile?
hey yo, you know my style
so just slow down, cause yall cant throw down
and yall cant accept that a brothers makin dough now
and im livin better, true
i makin more noise than the loudest heavy metal group
its the cool man, brother with the smooth plan
thats why im seeing more papers than a newstand
so peep it, dont try to run and speak it
point blank that keep my way about secret
while brothers is packin still, actin ill
im on the d.l, with a female
and im stackin bills
how ya livin? yeah im livin swell
cause a brother like me
yo im ringin bells
no doubt, i got clout
aint no future in frontin
yo, you know what im about

knockin brothers off
knockin brothers out (3x)
yo, you know what im about(repeat all 2x)


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