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true and livin ark sz

[verse 1]
you know the plan, gee, i rip any mic you hand me
i been down, this aint no muthafuckin brandy
its lord finesse, yeah, you know it
its that funky type poet that get loose like aerobics
you know i be slammin suckers
when im not on the mic, im makin more moves than a dance instructor
i have no passion for rhymers
nowadays i come with more styles than fashion designers
rappers be cold frontin
they like forrest gump (why?) them niggas dont know nothin
so watch how i hit em
in 95 and beyond lord finesse is true and livin

[verse 2]
i dont have to pop tools to stop crews or mop fools
i play it cool and smooth, and like drop jewels
i get props and never fail, hops
the stuff im deliverin you cant get in your mailbox
i wont sink the way my brain thinks
when it comes to crews, im connected like a chain link
im out to make large figures
you could be a casino dealer, and still couldnt pull my fuckin card, nigga
im so bad with the vocab
thats only part of it, now let me school you on the whole half
im no stranger, more like danger
like playin russian roulette with 5 bullets in the chamber
i get more props, im raw, hops
with the sure shot thats guaranteed to make all you girls drawers drop
so peep my funk style of rhythm
word life, kid, im true and livin

[verse 3]
now its the funkyman, and niggas cant see me
when i grab the mic you better play the wall like graffiti
cause whether fast or somethin slow
im bad like michael jackson, only thing is, im fuckin, though
hey yo, so just save it
im one of the funkiest, plus the underground favorite
that got astoundin rhymes
thatll make your grandmoms get up when i decide to get down for mines
i make your whole platoon nervous
tryin to get live, i bring it to that ass like fuckin room service
what you gonna do when i hunt you down
you could have a freak on a ferris wheel, you still couldnt fuck around
this is how it goes when finesse raps
when brothers be sleepin on a nigga, but i dont stress that
itas the man that be rappin clever
thats why im gonna shine forever, like paddened leather
have no fear, i kick it simple and so clear
fuck making your day, i got some shit for your whole year
i dont know why these crews be frontin
they can have three u-haul trucks, and still wont be movin nothin
i put niggas on curfews, i hurt crews
my style is harder than the heel on fuckin church shoes
wanna wear my shoes, you cant fit em
in years to come i be true and livin


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