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track the movement ark sz

finesse, now im smooth sensational
educational, here to awaken you
on top of you, rocking you, here to get popular
me fall off? picture that with binoculars
whatevers clever, here to reign terror
i get better cause im well put together
nifty, wiser, a soul survivor
i stand higher, going out like macguyver
terrific, not egotistic
to be specific, im greatly gifted
commentator dictator created cause im greater
with the rhymes that are based on data
or info, cause i rock a smooth tempo
and like that yall is a funky intro-
-duction, my dj is doing the cutting
so tought mcs aint really saying nothing
i dont need to try and rap, cause im fly at that
so on the strength youd better quiet that
here to tempt you, 19 with dimples
rocking fresh rhymes is funky but quite simple
unforgettable exceptional, im intellectual
so incredible, one step ahead of you
equipped for an emergency, dont try burning me
i get poonany plus keep the currency
so who has the audacity to come after me
and think about ragging me, that takes strategy
and im sly, eminent, skilled not an immigrant
others are intelligent, but not equivalent
to me cause im treacherous, swift and impetuous
im a rap specialist, but i bet you this
poet gets better, swifter than ever
im so clever, puting rhymes together
microphone magician, i could do tricks with this
it adds on just like arithmetic
the man to examine, so outstanding
more perplexing than a game of backgammon
mike smooth, sqing this and kick this
its your turn to come and get with this

"track the movement" - cut 3x
"dont lose it"

lord of deception, keep in step and
pay attention to the man with the blessing
cause i can rap smooth cause im that cool
a slick brother with a fade and a half-moon
i crush mcs but im not in a gang you see
and i doubt if other brothers could hang with me
i make em cross the border, those i ought to slaughter
and i guzzle mcs just like a quart of water
wax and tax them down the hatch
and i sound so funky you have to ask
"is he?" i throw my rhymes like frisbees
im more fun than a date in walt disney
quick and nimble, less than?ten deep?
rhymes i make, break, create, and assemble
lyrical genius, mic defender
those who dont surrender i crush and injure
now that was hype, funky to rap to
mcs i tackle if i have to
now bust a groove, im in a hype mood
melt duck mcs like ice cube
lord finesse write rhymes at my rest
do my best when im out to impress
so dont push or try me, play or defy me
wax mcs from here to hawaii
out to cuff and snuff, dont sniff or puff
rhymes i write is crazy extra tough
now im the baddest, way above average
the funkiest mc out to do damage

"track the movement" - cut 3x
"dont lose it"

i get wild like conan, funky to a slow jam
clap your hands and get down to the program
cause im the baddest and i do damage and
on the mic im quite swifter than the average man
think im funky? ill be funkier next week
i kick the rhymes smooth on the technique
im a get hype now and rock the right crowd
youre so attached that its hard to put the mic down
crowd prestigous, and i believe its
quite hard for others to achieve this
agree cause im top-notch, on time like a stop watch
suckers jump on my tip just like hopscotch
i got a slick plea shape, a funky dj
the crowd is always getting hype to what he plays
my man mike is just the type
to mix the hits, while yo i just rip the mic
im like a samurai, hes like a shogun
cause on the microphone i fear no one
mike get funky, and lets start this
cause were going to get paid regardless

"track the movement" - cut 3x
"dont lose it"


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