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stop sweating the next man ark sz

"here we go, so pay attention to the teacher" -> cut 4x

[lord finesse]
yall sweatin the next man, cause yall think hes live
cause the gear he buy, or the car that he drive
hes out your league, meanin not your equal
youre idolizin some knucklehead who cant teach you
so get yours like you first intended
go out for self, that means be independent
word up, stop sweatin that brother
i dont think he got his dependin on another
but yall wanna cling and be under his wing
brag about his things like his chains and rings
how hes livin fat, buyin this and that
yall wit him everday, but yall aint makin jack
yall gettin played like nintendo
hes not showin yall how to be large like him though
you could be paid, strivin out, gettin things
hangin with him, you cant afford two chicken wings
youre better off goin out solo
cause stickin with him, youre not makin no dough
so stop hawkin and holdin out your hand
get yours -- and stop sweatin the next man

"be yourself, and walk your own way" -> cut 4x

[lord finesse]
nowadays, things are lookin critical
yall sweatin a brother, females are widdit too
a man thats paid, thats what the females are seekin
thats why they dress up and go out every weekend
no doubt that some of these, females are wannabees
sweatin every brother with a car over 20 gs
you break your neck, to run after him
he know damn well that you cant do jack for him
he got game, so your head is all psyched
hes the type, to get the sex the first night
so you get with him, you run and tell all your crew
"i love that man!" yeah, sure you do
your intentions was to jerk him and scoop the cash
you didnt know he was too smart for your stupid ass
he knows youre not makin no dough
wearin the same outfit three weekends in a row
everytime you see him, youre broke and empty handed
then wonder why you got fucked and left stranded
went all out to please and impress him
now hes gone, you wonder why you cant catch him
check it out, to end off the segment
youre confused, you fell off - plus youre pregnant!
got caught out there, that wasnt part of the plan
"finesse what should i do?" stop sweatin the next man

"be yourself, and walk your own way" -> cut 4x

[lord finesse]
if a persons out your league, then let him go
he might be cool, but you dont have to sweat him though
i dont care if hes drivin, or he dressed gq
you deserve just as much respect, as he do
what you wanna be - a loaner or a borrower?
owner or employer? leader or a follower?
the next man is not here to help yall
he cant put you down, you can only make yourself fall
but yall sweat him cause the shit is down pat
hes livin fat, yeah the brothers all that
out of all the fish in the sea, yall think hes the head shark
yall sweat him so much, yall givin his dick stretch marks
so dont sweat him cause yall think hes a big shot
and stop scheamin on what some other kid got
you could use your skills to gain wealth and respect then
you could be just as large as the next man
listen to me -- and ill bet you
when you get paid, the next manll sweat you
thats todays plan, and tomorrows move
is to get paid, and make other brothers follow you
and let em know, to take they stand
and get theirs -- and stop sweatin the next man!

"be yourself, and walk your own way" -> cut 4x
"here we go, so pay attention to the teacher" -> also cut
- both to fade -


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