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show em how we do things ark sz

[lord finesse]
aw yeah, i got brothers from around the way in the house, you
know what im saying? yo check it out, check it out

i got my man shel-rumble in the house
i got my man harry-o in the house
i got my man rock-a-lot in the house

yo, yo, we gonna do it like this, check it out

i know some brothers with the skills to rock right
problem is they dont be getting no spotlight
they got potential as good as any others
so im a take time out to kick it with them brothers
they brothers are professional, crazy intellectual
just some fellas i got to give credit to
they rolling strong, know right from wrong
they got skills, so i got to put em on
so shel-rumble (whats up?) since this is a three man crew thing
put down the 40 and show em how we do things

shel-rumble, yeah, thats the name
im a kick this off just like a football game
im stepping out with my mic in my right hand
bagging up rappers and throwing their rhymes in the trash can
they play the roll like they hard but yet they sit off
put me against the best and ill still get my shit off
im like simon so youd better do what simon says
im not christopher williams, but yo, im making promises
my styles treacherous, its so impetuous
ill go all out if a chump tries to step to this
so hear the flavor through the speakers
i get the ladies strung just like sneakers
im a brother whos too hard to touch
cause if you try my crew well jump in just like double dutch
youll get bombarded if you come unprepared son
cause yo (theres no such thing as a fair one)
so step, to avoid a fucking crack tooth
rhymes are insulated, that means im wack proof
youre just the opposite, youre nothing but a small fry
weak mc coming up for a black guy
so dont provoke a saga
cause youll catch amnesia just like the central park jogger
thats what happens when cases gets drastic
ill give you two options, step or get that ass kicked
so, jot this down before you hail a
mc getting shit sewn just like a tailor
i get smooth, rough, rugged, raw, and swift
too tough to bluff, so rough you just drift
away, now can i get a hip-hip hooray?
i say shit that you never would have thought to say
rhymes poured just enough so we can quench your thirst
i guarentee ill have you saying "kick another verse"
or, if you feel thats not your style
i guarantee youll be laid back with a kool-aid smile
on your grill, you chill, im for real
as my rhyme fulfills shel-rumble got skills
i flaunt the gift on the mic the way a man should
even old folks be saying (that boy is damn good)
cause i flow so perfectly
thats why so many motherfuckers worship me
i got skills, but thats not why im here
im here to let you know i rock it like a pioneer
so harry-o (whats up?) you way far from fronting
wont you get on the mic and show the people a little something

yo, brothers grab the mic and plan on waxing me
but since theyre no match to me they cant do jack to me
the great rap pros slay rappers for fun
bust rhymes like a gun so run son or get done
my rap style may change like a cashier
as i bust ass with shit i wrote last year
so mcs step up and press your luck
i dont give a fuck, i roll like a fucking tonka truck
i watch mcs get silenced when it comes to a challenge
cause the shit i kick is knocking niggas off balance
watch em fall and crawl just like a baby
heading for the door yelling "save me, save me"
dont attempt to attack me, just shut your trap, b
dont have me grab the mic and bust your ass like an acne pimple
cause ripping shop is simple
i tear mics up while rock rips the instrumental
a part, so dont start up a seminar
cause well bust your ass word to god, you can send allah
my djs no joke, and im hype, folks
so fuck around and get your turns and your mics broke
i take no shorts here, this aint last year
im getting swift, elevating in fast gear
i creat rhymes and kick them, never will i fall victim, yo
brothers know the rap pro can flow
and rap norm, both off and on platform
you couldnt turn me off if i was hooked to a platform
i get raw like bloody liver, make a rapper shiver and shake
so make no mistake youre stepping to the great
rap pro, i get raw cause its natural
my cousin sport a fade and half-moon, i sport an afro
friends call my harry-o, my real names harry though
i scream on rapper like the niggas did to carry, so
finesse (yeah yeah) my man, my cousin
i know youre going to kick some shit

[lord finesse]
you thought i wasnt?
when it comes to being funky ill show you who the boss is
(yo money rock that shit!) hold your motherfucking horses
wait up, hold up, i sport the low cut
if rap was a game id leave opponents on a doughnut
funky warlord, top on the scoreboard
dissing finesse, that shit is uncalled for
brothers front and fret how they roll correct
grab the mic and think they pose a threat
talking about all the brothers they coulda killed
i dont care if youre a new jack or youre older than sugar hill
cause i slay with no delay
i stomp you out, so be about your way
you cant hang, youre still in the slow poke zone
youre helpless like a patient in an old folks home
so keep up with my further adventures
ill have it going on til im old with dentures
i rock parties and tear the roof off of houses
think i cant? put your money where your mouth is
give me a mic, let me clear my throat
guaranteed ill send you home broke
fast and quick cause im quick with the gift
give me my money i dont wanna hear shit
and those who cant rap, i dont wanna hear jack
i dust opponents in two minutes flat
when its showtime, mcs they dont wanna fight
they start bitching saying (why he have to come at night?)
its the funky man the brother with the new swing
lord finesse just showing you how i do things

yeah, like i said
got the brothers in the house harry-o and shel-rumble
rock-a-lot, my man jazzy jay, and im outta here like sugar ray, peace


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