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return of the funky man remix - ark sz
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return of the funky man remix - ark sz

- slightly different lyrics and a new third verse

(hot damn!)(mad brothers know his name) (yeah, its him again) repeat 4x

lord finesse got something for your eardrums
back on the scene, long time, no hear from
its the funky man, the brother with the same sound
ive been coolin about a year and some change now
so hand over the microphone cause its my turn
the brother with a fade, half-moon, and long sideburns
nice, dope, and keep the girls scoping
say the funky stuff and get all the niggas open
so heed that, dont try to yap and give me feedback
(lord finesse is the man!) believe that
can it, ill steal your show like a bandit
i get papes while youre broke like mass transit
youre not as smooth as this, so what can you do with this
brothers need to stop and step with that foolishness
im the type to interrupt a party
i dont need a phone to reach out and touch somebody
gimme a mic, thats just as good as one
leave the party is what you wack mcs should of done
cause yall starving, im living extra large and
im swinging this as if my name was tarzan
yeah, cause on the rough or the smooth tip
got more styles than you see in a kung fu flick
mic the seas, wax opponents off with ease
im more deadlier than a venerial disease
so think twice, those who think im a fall
im shining more than a tire full of armor all
its lord finesse and i got it all planned
(hot damn) its the return of the funky man


brothers get cash, but i get way more
for the 90s, im getting paid for
rhyme and envy, 21st century
so when asked, "whos the funkiest?" you better mention me
i go all out while a lot of crews be fronting
i know and they know that they cant do me nothing
cause im smooth and wise, the skills i utilize
lyrics all advanced youd think my brain was computerized
brothers be fronting, thinking they relaying something
yapping at the mouth, but yo, they aint saying nothing
i reign terror, so clever that rap is better
play the background and get they act together
they be riffing like they on the crazy tip
trying to hang but they softer than baby shhh
fronting like they wild with they played-out style
ill put them boys on trial, pull they card and they file
im hardcore, but i still keep the scene pumping
so all that singing and dancing, that stuff dont mean nothing
mcs suffer lord finnese lately
some of them hate me, think that they can take me
ill take on some of them, bring a whole ton of them
ill take em all on and stomp each and every one of them
brothers couldnt hang using poetry starter kits
finesses is blessed on the and im flexing politics
in 91, i show fear to none
cause im a get raw and funky for years to come
i stand in command with the mic in my hand
(hot damn), yeah its the return of the funky man


(whos the man?) come on, take a guess, g
its the l-o-r-d f-i-n-e double s e
no time to celebrate, build and elevate
mcs that try and rap, i grab the mic and tell em "wait"
times are getting rough, no time to be flipping up
so pay attention and listen up
and im bound to get others hype
and make em say "ayo, that brothers nice"
thats why when i grab a mic i dont know how to act
but the crowd reacts to my slick lifestyle of rap
word is bond i be flowing strong
thats why brothers always say "yo finesse got it going on"
but i dont go out like a pooh-put
get all gassed and walk around souped up
i just relax and write raps thatll bash
so next year ill be back to keep my name on the map
theres so much, brothers that was rough
got paid off your cuts cause they didnt give a -ahem-
but im not like that
i just strike back when hype raps keep me on the right track
out for door for fame and wealth
i got hits and wealth (go ahead with your bad self)
but im not big time, i just rip rhymes
flips lines and prove i can get mine
to win again, and make ladies and gentlemen
clap, yell, and scream, and say "yeah, its him again!"
that proves i got more clout
i get hype with a mic when its time to go all out
my plan is going cool, change is flowing smooth
(you the man!) damn right, i can show and prove
im here to take my stand
(hot damn) its the return of the funky man



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