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kicking flavor with my man ark sz

[lord finesse]
yeah yeah, i got my motherfucking man in the house, you know
what im saying? tell em your name just about now and shit

[percee p]
ayo im the rhyme inspector mc percee p

[lord finesse]
now, just about now, we gonna both do this, but i want you to
do me a motherfucking favor, you know what im saying? (whats
that?) let them motherfuckers know they aint hearing what you
doing right about now, you know what im saying?

[percee p]
like mike tyson ill bash your face in for basing
give me some space and ill put your head out if you get out of place and
rip you like plastic, dont make me get drastic
better step fast, quick to get that ass kicked
what could you do to this? i aint new to this
for you to diss me and come off is ludicrous
i aint with that, so get back and get that
wick wack shit out my face before you get smacked
like a hooker short on my cash
i want all my money, you sonny, ill put this foot up your ass
i got your bitch all on my dick
i go her panties, her bra, her car and she star in my next flick
its a triple-x jammie
i rode her like a camry, damn p, i know you cant stand me
im percee p, p stands for pimp
she gave me head, plus she said that in bed you a dead wimp
hes a goner, working for me on the corner
locked like a vote, know who to consult if you still wanna
i get devious, treacherous, bet you this
next verse perce rehearsed is worse than the previous
lyrical format leaves your head sore, black
base and i wipe my feat on you face like a doormat
percee p, thats who i claim to be
but youre amatuers, youre all the same to me
yeah, yous a duck and your girl gets fucked
bout to live it up or giving up her ass for a fast buck
dont get me upset, b, im deadly
sweat me or press up ill mess up your head, b
youre booty, so step off and rehearse a few
hours, and take a shower, take it personal
lord finesse, my rhyme have to end
so get on the mic and let yours begin

[lord finesse]
drop it, kick it, im about to rip it
im young, black, and gifted, plus i sound wicked
i stomp any opponent i come against
so be for real, they dont really want none of this
since im slowing down, i got to keep it flowing now
tonight it kindd of special, make mine a lowenbrau
i get ahhs and ooohs not boos because im real cool
fucking with finesse is the wrong career move
i be taking crews without breaking rules
you know damn well i dont have time to be breaking rules
im all about cash flow, pull girls like a lasso
a brother roast me on the mic? dont be an asshole
im indestructable, so bring in a substitute
whats up with a battle? (i cant fuck with you)
so dont try testing me, mcs especially
couldnt win against me if you paid the referee
you cant get with me, so dont say shit to me
youre out your mind if youre trying to get a victory
you cant affect me with your weak technique
if this was a game, you probably couldnt check me
you might be wild, but im on an iller tip
think you stand a chance? you could kill that shit
im intellectual, getting the best of you
i eat mcs like the food at a festival
drop science and math, stand tall like a giraffe
completing the task, breaking rappers in half
puting suckers out of it, yeah i talk a lot of shit
but when it comes to rhymes i deserve a fucking scholarship
wont front or perp the role, i get the most of hoes
im so cool i got girls on remote control
whether youre a virgin or a bad-looking hot sister
im bagging up bitches like a shoplifter
so lord finesse is not the one to fool
i was getting sex since they first invented underoos
got knowledge of self, so who needs a school for help?
brothers cant get with finesse, dont even fool yourself
when i begin i set the trend
and i show men, the motherfuckers got no wins
goddamn, its no scheme, scam, or plan
im just kicking flavor with my motherfucking man

(lord finesse and percee p give shoutouts til fade)


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