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fuck em ark sz

"aww shit!" - big daddy kane (repeat 4x)

me and the fellas, we used to be cool
until i got the fame, the girls, and the jewels
now im the big man, and theys the small cat
the walk around saying (ayo finesse thinks hes all that!)
i remember when brothers wouldnt back me
(the used to front on me) yeah, exactly
they used to laugh, joke, and try to fool me though
saying (man, you wasting all your time in the studio!)
i used to get dissed by the neighborhood snapper
he used to say (what you on? youll never be a rapper)
now that im paid, rolling with an even crew
the brother be fronting, saying (i always believed in you)
lord finesse is what i paid the cost to be
back in the days brothers used to step off on me
(going to the movies, finesse whats up with you?)
yo, my cash is low (aww, we cant fuck with you)
even my family was dissing
said i would never make it, there was too much competition
out of the family, no one would defend me
said i was better off getting a job at wendys
back in the days they was confused, but now they see
so they tell me they happy and they proud of me
i know the others that be playing with the high credits
saying (fuck finesse, and yo you can tell him that i said it!)
but when im in their face, looking for the payback
theyre the first to say (come on, you know i didnt say that)
the brothers copping pleas, i have no time to argue
lying so much he should write a fucking novel
thats a brother i should waste and get rid of
i shoulda (yo chill, fuck them niggas)
yeah, fuck them niggas

fuck them niggas! ("take that motherfucker" - ice cube)
fuck them niggas! ("i aint bullshitting" - kool g rap) (repeat 2x)

people try to figure what im all about
so you always have brothers yapping at the mouth
(finesse is my man!) thats what they shout, see
fronting and shit because they know nothing about me
i lounge in the rest because im a brother thats laid back
so yap all you want but my pockets is gonna stay fat
i used to be fast to run and serve a crew
if you dissed me in the past, i have no work for you
i know whos a traitor and whos my man
i know whos gonna scram when shit hits the fan
i know who used to laugh, diss, and doubt me
but now they want to hound me and be all around me
those the brothers thats always starting rumors
but yo, that shit is played out like suede pumas
i make gs whenever me and my dj flips
so i dont give a fuck about that he say she say shit
im a get mine, so i dont stay worried
i aint scared to go all out and get my hands dirty
i could care less, cause i do what i wanna
cause im getting papes and got my peoples in the corner
so i dont care about all my foes and enemies
since im paid, a lot of motherfuckers envy me
they try to diss me because it makes them feel bigger
but i got three words: fuck them niggas

fuck them niggas! ("take that motherfucker" - ice cube)
fuck them niggas! ("i aint bullshitting" - kool g rap) (repeat 2x)

i have a lot of friends since im living fat now
calling on the phone with my song in the background
saying (i wanna rhyme, finesse can you teach me?)
nigga please, you aint been trying to reach me
those the brothers whos around when youre winning
but wasnt there when you struggled at the beginning
when i decided to learn, they chose to remain dumb
now they run around saying i forgot where i came from
back in the days there were rappers that werent nice
they used to diss me when i asked for advice
telling me (get outta here, beat it, go play kid)
now they wonder how i got paid before they did
others used to say (i hate they way finesse raps)
now im making gs so you know i dont stress that
i know whos a wannabe and whos a true pal
a lotta brothers dissed me, but whos sweating who now?
i weak is ignorant, only the strong learn
on the path to success, them brothers took a wrong turn
my goal in life isnt to prove im a badder dude
say im the best and walk around with an attitude
i kick song raps and drop them on strong tracks
i used to go out for self but my mind is beyond that
i started with kid rhymes, soon ill be big time
straight up and down, word is bond, im a get mine
i got songs to lay and places to play
so i could care less what a motherfucker say
rap is a live sport and the ball is in my court
and if i score points and you dont, its not my fault
cause ill bust your ass on a fast break
when you mention my name get your motherfucking facts straight
i like to slap up those that act up
so if you dont know me best bet is to keep your trap shut
im not the type to go around and pull a trigger
but i wont hesitate to say "fuck them niggas"

fuck them niggas! ("take that motherfucker" - ice cube)
fuck them niggas! ("i aint bullshitting" - kool g rap) (repeat 2x)


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