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check the method ark sz

its like that, yall, check it out now
(yeah yeah, now check the method) (repeat 4x)

fuck that, you know whos bigger
even though nowadays you got all these motherfucking new niggas
fuck those who spread rumors, i didnt retire
even though you got all these lord finesse juniors
trying to get hype and rip mics
they just imitators that cant quite get my shit right
so wont yall just face it
that yall sweat me so much i gotta give my dick a facelift
wanna battle, im all for it
when it comes to this, ive been through more shit than a toilet
now we could get wild and search for peace
cause right now im chillin, like the nigga home on work release
and even on a lover tip ill still wax brothers quick
when i do my thing i be on some old other shit
niggas i slaughter, just to bring order
aw fuck it, my shit be flowing like spring water

its like that, yall, check it out now
(yeah yeah, now check the method) (repeat 2x)

now its the dictator whose styles greater
its the man with more flavors than motherfucking now & laters
and rappers i hit em well
they automatically go to heaven fucking with me, i give em hell
yeah, so dont try to front, troop
when your style is played out like an osh-kosh jumpsuit
huh, im out to collect figures
im on some wu-tang shit, so protect your fucking neck, nigga
i dont front like a man on a high horse
but yo, i make more noise than july 4th
so run, son, i aint the one, bum, who dial 911
if you dont, yous a motherfucking dumb dumb
im not a role model, im a bad figure
when it comes to rap, i got skills out the ass, nigga
i got it locked like a warden
rap without finesse, thats like the nba without jordan
so all you new jacks kicking wack raps its a fact that
ill be on your fucking back like a napsack
it aint shit you can tell me
cause the ladies still jel me without an lp

its like that, yall, check it out now
(yeah yeah, now check the method) (repeat 4x)

its like that yall, and i keep figures
its the hardcore ruffneck funky type of street nigga
lord finesse got the swift rap and
you dont need dionne warwick and them psychic friends to predict that
in years to come im bound to shine
give me a mic and a minute, ill show niggas i get down for mine
word life, you know the haps
fucking with me is like bungee jumping with no rope attached
man listen, i got plenty rhymes
when it comes to props, motherfucks just oughta gimme mine
word, cause i slay ya fast
whether youre the best mc with a mic, or youre straight up trash
my lyrics excel, hops
from the ghetto street upstate to motherfucking cell blocks
no dought i got clout
i gotta give a shout (to who?) to my brother show when im out

its like that, yall, check it out now
(yeah yeah, now check the method) (repeat 4x)


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