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if youre not flipping cuts like dj romes
well then youre not representing with the lp
if youre not dropping tracks like madlib
well then youre not representing with the lp
well if youre not kicking styles like wild child
when then youre not representing with the lp
but if youre not supporting hardcore hip hop
well then youre not a real hip hop mc
[wild child]
if youre not in tune to this total bliss
now a days a lot of rappers i like to diss
cuz yo, all up in your songs you be talkin bout your glocks (what?)
but then you change cuz you cant be the same around the clock
you be actin like a amazon when the cameras on
but when the cameras off, you be actin soft
cuz you be in that mental state, thinking that ya great
but everywhere around the gates people saying that ya fake
like dropping out of weight while youre trying to have your cake
but ya jams aint got no weight and many niggas wont debate
(hey, how we do?) we keep it hot like benihana (word)
with no drama, while you try to bite like a piranha
ill make you wanna...
...bounce, bounce when you come to see the pack
imma carbonate ya flow cuz yo style be sounding flat
jack a.k.a. constructor of a rhyme on a track
conducted by madlib invade ya face like blah
bring it back as i rock it slow, with my lip socket lyrics,
scratch as i rock a show with simultaneous functions we create
cuz were the sure shot
the flow got you all hypnotized but if youre not...
[wild child]
yo, wild child straight rearranging on ya drums
ya niggas from the slums step up ya wanna hum
as i take ya ass way back when blacks was like chilling
(to late for that now) why? (brothers mad killing)
yo, i live in hip hop day to day because i feel it
cant understand wack mcs out there, they try and kill it
ill steal it, take it home, package it and seal it
bring it out on a daily basis and fry it on a skillet
question: will it, will it last forever?
cant compare it to the past...never!
were used to touch the mics, uplifting mcs on the rise
come with the abstract and then straight up vocalize
most people now a days talk about representing
they strictly smoking phillys, acting ill, getting bent and
the ways of the industrys mad shady tinted (yeah)
most niggas tripping off the ill joints we invented (right)
whether youre in l.a., texas or trenton
alaska, nebraska, japan you have ta
know the difference from a fake mc to a real mc
before you play that loot pack cd


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