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touched on every side ark sz

how should i go on, without you to guide me?
i dont think i should
i dont think i should

how should i go on, without you to help me?
i dont think i should
i dont think i should

feel me breathe
feed me need
breathing softly, next to me

lost if you do
lost if you dont
laughing at myself

with you locked inside, my mind is a warm place
where the air is sweet
a place where i can see

what i might become, and what i might create
with you on my side
with nothing left to fate
everything in reach
its all there to see

lost in you
lost in me
nowheres home
almost free

touched on every side, by those who would help me
i wont take their gift
for what would i give?

show me that im wrong, and id believe
i know that you could
you know that i would

i know that im lost


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