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vision incision " mix ark sz

ive been shot right out the sky
navigating miles high
im just a ray of sound
yeah look what i found
on my brand new journey into sound
i know youll find piece of mind
on my punk paste race into space
im the silver surfer hearin lucifer
lay on the ground and nobody dies
paradise is the place where the devil does his damndest
im the catalyst
a psychedelic twist
like a dynamite reefer
ill make you sweat and curse
as we travel at magnificent speeds around the universe
lets travel at magnificent speeds around the universe
ill keep travelling
chasing the shadows
this aint a game
were coming by stealth
you know i got wealth
brain carnage self
<theres no return>
speeding neck and neck with my own vision
real clean incision
well be dancing frenzies
slaughters visions
im a hot wet dripping psychedelic incision
zeroes pure vision
this is stranger than fiction
a greater addiction
well never wish to never recover
im a skunk of a different stripe
and tonight
im gonna take flight
ill take you on a journey into tomorrow
and together well banish all pain and sorrow.
<oh, theres no return>
<oh, cant you see>
im just a ray of sound sound
a ray of sound
just a ray a ray a ray a ray a ray of sound
im just a ray of sound sound
a ray of sound
a sound sound sound sound a ray of sound
<oh, cant you see>


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