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one mans fear another mans high ark sz

<the scratch, the bass, the cougers in your face,
the king of the beats gonna rock the place>
<when you speak of blues this is a man that knows
that a is never z...???>
holy shit
its comin down so heavy
its comin down so heavy
wild thoughts are escaping and the skies are ripped open
i doubt youd wanna be me
flash of anger on wakin
thats not me
more than i thought wed ever see
<why dont they leave us alone?>
she dismisses me so coldly
i cant freak
shes only emotional bankruptcy
dont bring paranoia in with you
leave the ugly fucker on the streets
now my brain wants sunglasses too
emotional striptease
do you fancy it?
do you fancy it?
do you fancy it?
do you fancy it?
the freakshow in my head
now has a public gallery
<we offered him prayer>
<god just came>
this is battling evil
<i guess there should be a story to tell>
<no more v. no more, no. we are due some respect>
<youre right jack>


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