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sweetness ark sz

oh, youre a precious little prude?
but tell me the truth now
have you ever had a care in the world
so tell me whats it all about
you say oh youre so attacked
well youll never be so right
oh you can cry yourself dry
but id be surprised if you can munster
up a single crocodile
youll never be a hopeless child
throw caution to the wind
forgive yourself your sins
and dont you know you
really are the sweetest thing
there isnt heart enough from you
do you no longer care or feel that
you no longer have nothing left to prove
oh tell me that it isnt true
i wanted to tell you
that i used to admire you
oh you know really that i dont cared
no i never cared for you
but i used to read about you
and you oftenly would throw caution to the wind
and dont you know you
really are the sweetest thing


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