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most of the time ark sz

most of the time
im too focused all around
most of the time
i can keep both feet on the ground
i can follow the path
i can read the sign
i can stay right with it
as the road unwinds
i can handle whatever
i stumble upon
i dont even notice that shes gone
most of the time

most of the time
its well understood
most of the time
i wouldnt change it if i could
i could make it all match up
i can hold my own?
i could deal with the situation
right down to the bone
i could survive
i can endure
and i dont even think
bout her
most of the time

most of the time
my head is on straight
most of the time
im strong enough not to hate
i dont build up illusion until it makes me sick
i aint afraid of confusion no matter how thick
i can smile in the face of mankind
i dont even remember how her lips felt on mine
most of the time

most of the time
she aint even in my mind
would i know her if i saw her
shes that far behind
most of the time i cant even be sure
if she was ever with me or if i was ever with her
most of the time im halfways content
most of the time i know exactly where it all went
i would cheat on myself
i dont run and hide
i wont hide from the feelings
that i buried inside
i dont compromise
and i dont pretend
and i dont even care
if i ever see her again
most of the time

written by bob dylan


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