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[ll cool j]
check this
i excel, they fell, i said - well, hell
l can yell or make em melt like gel
i signed the contracts that buils up stacks
play the wall or fall i stand tall youre small in fact
step aside, you might get fried
by the super technique that the rapper applied
as a matter of fact, the impact will distract
your attention away, from the rest who say
they can mess with cool j the best of to-day
and best cause the rhymes are so funky fresh
ima attack smack and make em stand back
black strong as cognac i got the knack
to rhyme to the rhythm of this, and give em a gift
thats swift, other rappers are stiff and dont riff with
mr. smith, cause that aint safe
i get you wide open like an uncut eighth
i write to fight, dont bite, to reach heights
the mic makes right, give me the spotlight
so i can prove the pen is mightier than the sword
ll hard as hell, the lyrical lord
the counterfeit misfits that rap had to admit that
my rhymes are so dangerous, i need a permit to rap
solo, on the microphone
mcs -- dont let me catch you alone
im nitro!

yo, i got the kick of a kettle drum, guaranteed to overcome
youre just a minimum, messin with the maximum
and when i swung my tongue among the high strung
young mcs, they all got done by the legend
every second im wreckin
not a mistake youll find, but you can keep checkin
out the sound youll find that its genuine
bet that youll rewind this a thousand times
you can taste the bass like its filet-of-sole
i leave the microphone full of bullet holes
i drop the bomb like im in nam and go beyond
the normal boundaries of too much harm
to mcs, but as they say please i freeze
rhymes like these kill like a disease
tried to fill my shoes, and caught the blues
because they get bruised by the rhymes i choose
i kill rappers at random, i dont understand em
the ones i didnt get, are on a memorandum
lines i recite are spontaneous
the nursery rhymes you write, are miscellaneous
so pass the crown, bow down and give in
im the prince of rap, thats how we livin
settin milestones on the microphone
empires are overthrown, and i aint even baritone
no joke i spoke then god stroke
as job tried to sweat the style and got soaked
conquered and killed on the microphone
mcs -- dont let me catch you alone
lls nitro!

yo, flammable -- like gasoline
threatening -- like a guillotine
its like a bad dream when you battle my team
i go to every extreme to make mcs scream
im clever, i last forever, we can do whatever
with whoever, whenever, i never
ever got rocked, stopped or dropped
they got popped, by the hip-hop rock that i concoct
im so nice yo, flowin with the maestro
murderin and hurtin mcs because im nitro
the earthquakesll kill snakes and fakes
you cant flake, you made a mistake, give me a break, thanks
now that were straight and thats clear
watch all the big mouths - dissapear
disintergrate, deteriorate, fall
i demonstrate, and devestate you all
theres no doubt about the fact i turn it out, the wack
be on the lookout, ll made a comeback
full of power, ima devour
i stand tall as a tower, i wont allow a
mc to c-o-m-e, c-l-o-s-e
play me long d-i-s-t-a-n-c-e, m-cs
on the microphone, im nitro!
yo (funky)

i daze amaze faze blaze and beat em down
nowadays they crave and praise, the funky sound i pound
rhymes i write em in, recite em and then slide em in
order to slaughter comp that start soon as i begin
total domination, across the nation
devestation, cut sensation, its the invasion
of l the terrible, devestating rhymin wiz
i cut through through do and chew, you know what time it is
slick, i get off of kicks, vick your flick
hard as bricks, rock ya sick over the mix
the l, l, c, o, o -- l j period now you know bro!
n-i-t-r-o yo go for what you know
unless youre dumb cause yo im nitro-glycerin
listenin and takin notes
icin enticin and slicin throats


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