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loungin ark sz

keep it chickenhead,im lookin for a dime
get my swirve on,make it hot,word is bond, im lickin on your ankle
bracelet,well be sippin moet wit strawberries and dat shit, im nasty ask me
why i lick my lips so in the darkness i can run my tongue over your tits
its all good sugary,u aint leavin sit up on my face and help my stash grow
whipped cream taste mean from the back she bounce wit ll now shortys on the
i put away the gat,took off the hat,throw ya mos in the air if u like it like
no doubt boo,i keep it real girl,mad pleasure,blowin up your whole world
whatevers clever i got endless cash,trees from hawaii, 2 pools or baths

(chorus) ill be loungin with ll cool j
ill be loungin with ll,hey hey

uh,my scenario is grand,a dime peice,hennessey up in my hand
i turn out the lights like teddy,im feenin, standin in the darkness,now im
uhh,ooh yeah up in ya,let it flow while i pump slow,then i speed it up,heat it
make it mo tasty,so u can swing low and lace me
use your imagination,u do me,i do u,sex education
its all good, its cranberry absolut,peach shnapps,feelin tipsy,loungin on
the rooftops
im bout to spank u on dat ass(ooh) i know u love it when it lasts(true) when
u need it who u ask(you) what u sayin when i dash(dont go boo)


u got to bounce wit me suga,word up,u got to bounce wit me suga,worda
worda,word up...

warm it up suga,make it hot,shortiesll swarm,make me wanna bust shots,we
speak daily on the regular,run your jibs all day chip in my cellular
shoot down to jamaica,pretty white sand,suntan oil,pina coladas in my hand
layin up at night,peepin at stars,remember,when we was at the club in da
i told ya my status was that of a don,u thought i was a dog and u aint wanna
get it on,but my mind has attractin qualities,all the emotions of a young
so here u are,smack dab up in the mix,shorty this heres about as good as it
word up,ima treat u like a queen from the heart,crack the bubbly,and let the
episode start.



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