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life as ark sz

aaah, get the burner, uhh, the burner, let loose the cannon
blood drippin, slippin off my planet
man, the panic, funkmode
mechanical mix flows competition in my dojo
swing a hook, got the vertabrae, be brave
heat gain meltin on my heatwave
power to the crowd, pandemonium
showin em how i gets down


the life of a killer is scandalous
the life of a killer is dangerous

triggedy, sky high like a kite
god diggity, every other clouds blue
puff on a, yeah, puff on a
bring it on, off, on, baby one-two
peep in the arena, death at your doorstep
right around the corner is the land of regret
when ya sweat to get down, sweat to get off and on
till the... nothin normal bout my songs

chorus x2

ll cool, j jazzy jewel
takin dime pieces to the real school
i got em on nations buckin like fools
pitbulls fightin over streets i rule
catch it if you can when its hot ta hitcha hand
throw ya skunks in the air, my funk got the flair, man
i can do division, baby i can do math
multiplying fractions now ya know the half
knuckle games played, must pack steel
oh yes im livin like real
to the highest extent, bloody clothes doin battle
til the death of my foes, its my show

chorus x2


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