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jingling baby ark sz

chorus: ll cool j and girl (repeat 4x)

(theyre jinglin, baby) go head, baby

[ll cool j]
they call me uncle l, future of the funk
records i recorded minus all the junk
people spread gossip and believe what they must
while i slam dunk {fags} and make em bite the dust
a minute is needed to make a phony roni bleed
and put him in a bucket like its chicken feed
check out the - pick of the litter, not a quitter, im nice yall
and ima dust you off and dust you off twice
you never heard this so observant all hysterical fan-
-natics of the asiatic miracle man
prominent, dominant, mccoy and im real
if youre another brothers fan? forget how you feel
cause hes so-so, i got the instinct
they call me deputy dog, now put your {ass} in the clink
innovating, devestating, and dope on the single now
let me see your earrings jingle


[ll cool j]
i chopped you, chewed you, baked you and {fucked} you
that {shit} you pop, you need to stop, youre kind of rude you
no good {niggaboo} tryin to base
how we livin holmes? get out my face!
im complete, in effect, and i cant fall
i rise, suprise, and i advise you all
to stand back and peep, dont sleep or doubt
my skillll get ill, i turn the mother out
im top-notch, youre still playin hop-scotch
now ima do ya while the party people watch
youre real funny, you really try to go for yours
but i know why: you aint had no dough before
so you tried and lied to drain my fame
this aint a game, yo, you know my name
forget all the mcs who like to mingle
yo baby, let me see your earrings jingle


[ll cool j]
when you first walked in, i aint know what to think
you grabbed the microphone like your {shit} dont stink
and tried to run down that; i cant get over that
{bullshit} you were sayin - you call that a battle rap?
how you gonna go against an army with a handgun?
im cool j, yo you dont understand, son
im a legend, on top of that im livin
now you look stupid like that {bitch} ms. givens
whoever geesed you up; nah, how should i say it?
whoever set you up, they knew just how to play it
cause man, yo, i feel for you brother
im a baaaaaad... (word to my mother!)
takin out suckers while the ladies pucker
and rollin over {niggaz} like a redneck trucker
innovatin, devastatin, and dope on a single, now
lemme see your earrings jingle


[ll cool j]
yeah baby, you know what i mean?
you like be jinglin crazy, word
(yeah yeah yeah)
all over this funky beat
you be like jinglin, and your earrings be jinglin
and shakin all over the place and all (mm-hmm)
its like real, its real wild to me honey yaknahwhatimean?
the way you be jinglin, worrrrrrd


[ll cool j]
cant believe you tried to grip the same mic as me
your grips too weak, you cant hold it, b
you can dream of makin progress and gettin this nice
but when i roll up, its like hip hop vice
i serve to curbs, i never swerve im superb
every word you heard played tricks on your nerves
you played your hand, lost track of your plan
when i show up, i blow up, end of story, my man
im a play you like a poker chip, thats what you get
i bet your fret, sweat, and regret you met
the titan of fightin, excitin when writin, you triflin toy-boy
i gotta enlighten, so start bitin
you know you cant create and get mean like this
when im on the court, g, its strictly swisssshhhh!
when its all over, said and done, my friend
they say, "that {bad motherfucker} just scored again"
so take a step back, give me some room to wreck shop
heres your token back, youre gettin off at the next stop
ima deliver and give a speech with vigor
i drink some olde e and start waxin {niggaz}

chorus 2x


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